Research Requests / Proposals

  • Allowing research in SLPS schools is a service to the larger education community. There are, nevertheless, legal requirements that must be met prior to allowing such projects and academic standards that must be met in order to make our involvement worthwhile to our students today as well as to our students generations into the future. Our guidelines seek to balance the need for advancement through research with our overriding priority of uninterrupted instructional activities that maximize student learning.
    Confidential data is access to any records containing privileged or confidential information about staff or pupils or the act of gathering statistics, interviewing, observing or administering survey or other data-collection instruments in the schools.
    Who needs to apply to do research?
    1. Any person not employed by the Board of Education must apply before doing any research in the schools (this includes university researchers and program evaluations).
    2. Board of Education employees collecting student or staff data for projects that are submitted for University credit or advanced degrees must also apply for permission to do research. (The collection of such data for in-district/school dissemination only to further instructional or school improvement purposes is exempt.)

    The application process is available on-line from this page. Please note that not all research will necessarily be approved. Our responsibility is to balance the need for research with the need for uninterrupted instructional activities that maximize student learning. Potential researchers should be aware that permission to do research is a multi-step process, and permission to conduct research in the district does not guarantee any individual school’s willingness to participate. Although initial permission may only be granted through Research, Assessment and Evaluation, the principal of a school will have the final decision in regards to her or his school’s participation. Research applications should be sent to the Research Review Committee at