• JROTC is a cadet led curriculum that motivates young students to be better citizens. Here at Beaumont CTE, we take motivation to another level... Take a quick look at what we do here both inside the class and out:

    • Participate in miscellaneous parades
    • Send tribute to the veterans who have served in the military
    • Learn about first aid, proper etiquette, and job-related curriculum such as how to write a resume
    • Provide entertainment to senior citizens, and citizens in general
    • Present Color Guard at formal events and occasions
    • Attend JCLC (Summer Camp)
    • And so much more! The list goes on and on...

    For a more in-depth look at our program, please visit our About Us page, for any other questions or concerns, contact us via the Contact Us page, or call (314) 535-1735 or e-mail us at: jrotc241171@slps.org