• We, the members of the St. Louis Public Schools Governance Team recognize that district success will come only if we commit to work together towards our common goals. We also recognize that our words and actions serve as a model of professional behavior for our students, teachers and staff. Therefore, we commit to following these Standards of Practice in order to provide outstanding leadership in service to the children of our community:

    1. We will maintain our focus on teaching and learning. Our first and greatest concern will be the students of the St. Louis Public Schools.

    2. We will establish and follow communication protocols between the board and superintendent and between and among board members. This means we will:
    - actively and respectfully listen when our colleagues speak
    - turn off cell phones and pagers during meetings
    - respect established protocols relating to communications with staff
    - share pertinent information in an appropriate and timely manner with the superintendent and fellow board members
    - commit to understand and then to be understood.

    3. We will focus on policy and outcomes and leave the day to day management of the system to the superintendent and his staff.

    4. We will respect the dignity and trust inherent in our office and conduct ourselves professionally at all times. This includes:
    - preparing for board meetings
    - respecting appropriate confidentiality of board business
    - engaging in professional development as needed to be highly effective governance team members
    - focusing on issues, not personalities, thus avoiding the creation of a public spectacle
    - not using the board meeting forum as an opportunity to “grand stand.”

    5. We will model trustworthiness in our relationships with each other, with our superintendent, and with our constituents.

    6. We will strive to maintain and cultivate strong linkages between the governance team and all members of the school community