• Operation Food Search

    Contact Person: Melissa Weissler, Program Coordinator
    Contact Number: 314-325-1304

    Email: melissa.weissler@OperationFoodSearch.org

    Saint Louis Public Schools partners with local foodbank Operation Food Search to provide two health centered programs for students: Cooking Matters and Operation Backpack.

    Program: Cooking Matters

    Description: A six-week hands-on culinary based nutrition education course with three curricula designed for children, parents and/or families. Each course exposes students to healthy foods, and teaches them that such food is delicious, and easy to prepare. Child classes focus on exploring new fruits and vegetables and learning basic nutrition principles. Parent and family classes include budget strategies for creating affordable meals at home.

    Program: Operation Backpack

    Description: A weekend feeding program administered in elementary schools across the St. Louis Metro Area, including some Saint Louis Public Schools elementary schools.  Qualifying children in participating schools are eligible to receive a backpack filled with a variety of non-perishable, nutritious foods for them to eat over the weekend. Backpacks include two entrée items (proteins), a fruit, a vegetable, two whole grain breakfast items, and one to two healthy snack items.