• Special Events Parking at District-Owned Lots

    St. Louis Public Schools
    is under a parking agreement with St. Louis Parking Company, who is solely authorized to sell parking spaces on District property. From time to time Principals have desired to sell parking spaces at their lot for a specific school-related fundraiser or benefit that generates additional resources for students of the District.

    All requests must be submitted on an Application for Use of School Premises format least ten business days prior to the proposed event to Deborah Perkins,Assistant to Interim Deputy Superintendent for Accountability & Technology Services, 801 N. 11th Street, St. Louis, MO 63101, (314) 345-2421 or by email at Deborah.Perkins@slps.org.  Forms are also available on the District’s website under the Department of Operation’s tab.


    If your request is approved, the parking lot will be professionally managed by (and all funds will be collected by), St. Louis Parking. Funds in excess of the cost to professionally manage the lots will be dispersed in accordance with the goals of the benefit, at the Superintendent’s sole discretion. Free events also require approval, again via a Use of School Premises form. Requests for free events must be submitted 48 hours prior to the proposed event.


    Questions regarding use of the District’s parking lots should be directed to Walker Gaffney, Director of Real Estate at (314) 345-2545 or via email at walker.gaffney@slps.org.