• Decision Making:
    This committee is responsible for ensuring that families are included as participants in school and district decisions, and for helping to develop parent leadership and representatives.


    To that end, we have established a few actions items and under those tasks, that we believe will help us accomplish our goal:

    • Get parents, teachers and school administrators to attend PTO meetings.
    • Develop a manual for Parent Teacher Organizations that can be used to help PTOs navigate the SLPS District.
    • Review District policies to identify places where parent involvement is required and any expectations for staff participation in PTO meetings or events.
    • Develop a simple process that can be used to start a Fathers as Advocates in their Child’s Education (FACE) Group at each school.
    • Get parents to attend Parent Teacher Conferences.
    • Identify best practices in other districts.
    • Identify non-traditional parent teacher conference opportunities. 
    A preliminary copy of the PTO handbook in development can be accessed by clicking on the link below: 
    PTO Handbook 2015-16 prelim



    How can you help? 


    This committee is co-chaired by Addie Bond and Ernst Bradley.  They would welcome your participation, so please call or email the PAC, and one of them will follow-up with you.  You can reach the PAC at:  pac@slps.org OR 314-345-5722