• The Parent Action Council was established in 2014 in order to help provide effective collaboration among families, schools, and the community to support student academic development across all St. Louis Public School System.  Some facts about us:


    • Every parent, guardian or anyone acting in loco parentis, is automatically a member of the PAC.
    • Comprised of and run by parent volunteers 
    • For procedural purposes, and to be fair to each school, two representatives from each school may attend as voting members.  The responsibilities of voting members are to attend monthly meeting, represent his/her school, and return to the school with information to share.
    A formal public presentation of the PAC took place at the May 21st, 2015 meeting of the Special Administrative Board. 


    The Parent Action Council will basically act as a District wide PTO allowing parents to have a voice in District decisions, collaborate for more effective and consistent parent involvement across the District, and work together by sharing successes and identifying and resolving challenges.  The mission of the PAC of Saint Louis Public Schools is to serve all Saint Louis Public Schools families as a sounding board and action network regarding federal, state, city and district policies, procedures, programs, and personnel matters concerning student education and achievement.

    A copy of the presentation can be seen by clicking here:  

    PAC Presentation to SAB May 2015