• The Parent Action Council was formed under the guidance from the Family Community Specialists office in the Student Services section of the SLPS administration.

    This site, and all its subset pages, are being created by the PAC to have a place were parents can come for information exchange, as well as help each other support our kids together.  The six keys on the main page refer to the six ways of being involved with our kids and our schools.  Each section has a brief explanation and details about the committee that runs it.

    Please explore and come back often.  This is a new site and in development as we grow.  We would love to get your input, and hopefully your help. 


    In the coming weeks we hope to place a mechanism for you to ask specific questions about the PAC or any SLPS related matter where parents can help.  In the meantime please email your comments and concerns.


    Contact us via email or phone:
    Email: pac@slps.org
    Phone Number: 314-345-5722