• Code of Ethics

    This Code of Ethics signifies the strong commitment on behalf of the St. Louis Elected Board of Education to base our decisions and actions on ethical standards. This guide recognizes the roles and defines professional behavior needed in order to fulfill our obligation of being effective and responsible Board Members. Furthermore, this code is put into place to reflect the deeper sense of purpose and direction that govern our work. Ethical behavior on behalf of the Elected Board of Education speaks to those we serve.

    While serving as a member of the St. Louis Elected Board of Education, I will accept the responsibility to improve education, and I will:

    1.      Remember that my first priority and greatest concern must be the educational welfare of all students in St. Louis Public Schools;

    2.      Express my personal opinions, but once the Board has taken action, I will accept the will of the majority; Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance there of; Never use my position as a board member  for benefit of myself, family, or business associates;

    3.      Improve my ability to serve as a School Board Member by studying educational issues and participating in appropriate professional development;

    4.      Support the employment of staff members based on qualifications;

    5.      Make every effort to attend board meetings; Arrive to board meetings informed concerning the issues for consideration;

    6.      Make sure decisions are based on available facts , appropriate public input and my best judgment while working towards a consensus;

    7.      Be respectful ,fair, just, impartial, honest in all decisions and actions;

    8.      Consider each issue on its own merits and not trade votes;

    9.       Encourage positive ongoing communication among Board Members, staff, students and the community;

    10.  Work collaboratively with fellow Board Members to establish effective Board policies;

    11.  Respect the rights of other Board Members  to have and express ideas that differ;

    12.  Respect the confidentiality of privileged information;

    13.  Recognize that as an individual Board Member I have no authority to speak or act for the Board;

    14.  Uphold all applicable laws, rules, policies and governance procedures; and comply with all laws as they apply to my role as a Board Member;

    15.  Maintain professional decorum when discussing school matters;

    16.  Obey the laws of Missouri and the United States;

    I acknowledge that the following are unethical behaviors and will refrain from such actions:

    1.      Make disparaging remarks about other Board Members or make public through use of email issues which are between individual board members and not related to board business;

    2.      Discuss confidential business in public or to anyone not privy to such information;

    3.      Seek any personal advantage from membership on the St. Louis Board of Education;

    4.      Place the interest of individuals or groups ahead of the interest of the district and all of the students in St. Louis Public Schools; and

    5.      Conduct activity not in alignment with the St. Louis Board of Education priorities and policies;

    Adopted by the School Board of the City of St. Louis this 15th Day of March 2016