• Health and Wellness Initiative


     In 2007, St. Louis Public Schools including Parents, Healthy Youth Partnership (HYP), along with other community partners in St. Louis worked together to create a Health and Wellness Policy for the school district.

     The policy was approved by the school district's Special Administrative Board (SAB) in 2008, and a Health and Wellness Coordinator was hired to implement the Policy. Since then, SLPS has continued to support the implementation of the Policy. In 2017, the Health and Wellness Policy was updated on May 31, 2017.

    The Saint Louis Public Schools Health and Wellness Policy focuses on eight key goal areas. Responsibility for implementation of the Policy lies with the District appointed Health and Wellness Council along with the Health and Wellness Policy Coordinator(s). In addition, the School Principals in conjunction with the School Health Advisory Councils (SHACs) will implement the Health and Wellness Policy at the school level.


    SLPS Health and Wellness Policy: Approved May 31, 2017