• Contract Process
    Which Contract Form is the Right One?
    Contractual Agreement With Consultants - A contract to be signed with individuals or companies to provide consulting services. (Typically, this form is used for services where there is not a physical product, such as professional development, evaluation services, technology consulting, presentation services, occupational therapy services, etc.)
    Agency Partnership Agreement - A contract to be signed with an Agency Partner where no funds change hands between the partner and SLPS. The Agency Partner will generally receive funds from an external source in exchange for providing the contracted services (such as the YMCA providing after-school care).
    Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (Non-Fund Raising) - A contract to be signed with a local organization partner to provide the contracted services. Under this type of contract, neither party will receive compensation from any source. There is a specific clause in this contract that forbids any type of fund raising in the name of SLPS.
    Service Agreements - A contract to be signed with individuals or companies that are working in your buildings and/or at school-sponsored events.  The service agreement is approximately ½ the size of our standard agreement. This document is meant to provide the District with minimal protection and should only be used for those projects where we consider our exposure to be relatively low, small contracted services such as:  Catering, Photography, DJ Services, etc.
    If you have questions regarding which contract form is the right one, please contact the Procurement Department.