Academic Instructional Coaches

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  • AIC Crew

    When you start your career with an amazing group of people, you just keep finding your way back to each other!

    From amazing teachers to amazing AICs!

  • SLPS Academic Instructional Coaches' Vision

    SLPS teachers and administrators will report that coaching was essential in supporting them to improve their instructional practices, implement curriculum, develop trusting relationships with colleagues, refine their reflective practices, build their emotional resiliency, and improve student outcomes.

    Teachers will report that coaches built effective teams that examined instruction, curriculum, and assessments, and lead teams to make changes to practice to transform the experiences and outcomes for students.

    Teachers and administrators will all say that coaches relentlessly surfaced and interrupted inequities by: challenging beliefs or mindsets about inequities, advocating for the needs of students, and providing an equitable learning experience where circumstance does not prevent learning.   

    Coaches will feel effective, empowered, and proud of their work.  They will describe a year of rigorous learning (for themselves) and will express that they felt supported in their work by their coordinator, their leaders, and by the team of coaches.  They will be able to trace their work as coaches to improved student outcomes.

    Everyone who participates in an SLPS coaching cycle will have positive feelings about it and will be able to trace its impact on student learning.


    SLPS Academic Instructional Coaches' Mission

    SLPS AICs develop teachers who can serve the whole child, create equitable classrooms and schools, and provide students with learning experiences so they will graduate and be college and career ready.

  • Director of Academic Instructional Coaches

    Dr. Sara Martens


    K-12 Coordinator of Academic Instructional Coaches' Learning and Growth

    Dr. Jill Toney

    (314) 354-2300