•  Meal Policy and Menus
    School food services programs are implemented in accordance with USDA School Meal Program and Health and Wellness Policy. The menus reflect the Missouri Advanced Eat Smart Guidelines. 
    SLPS operates under a revised meal service policy that allows all SLPS school children to eat a free breakfast and lunch without having to fill out a Family Application for Meal Benefits. If a student chooses to go back through the line for seconds they must pay: $1.10 (elementary), $1.20 (middle), $1.35 (high), and an additional milk is 40 cents. Each student has a meal account to pay for school lunches. Students can access this account with a personal identification number (PIN), which will remain the same each year. Each student will enter his/her PIN using a keypad when receiving lunch.
    Staff members are also welcome to purchase meals in SLPS cafeterias. Breakfast is $2.25 per person, and lunch is $2.75.  
    Please note: The Saint Louis Public School District is a Pork Free District. All products served contain no pork throughout every school meal.
    All school menus are available HERE. 
     Eating Lunch