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    Full Service Schools 

    What is Full Service Schools:

    Full Service Schools support children and families through education, healthcare, transportation, job training, childcare, housing, employment and social services.

    Services Provided:


           Family Support

    • Parenting Skills

    • GED Programs
    • Small Group Therapy

    • ESOL Programs
    • Individual Therapy

    • Nutrition Classes

    • Moblie Market

          Youth Programming

    • Afterschool programs

    • Mentoring

    • Garden Club/Seed to STEM Program

    • Mentors in Motion

    • SLU Tri College Readiness

    • HEUC Upward Bound

    Full-Service Schools

    Oak Hill Elementary School

    4300 Morganford
    Saint Louis, Missouri
    Lara Fallon, Coordinator
    314-345-5660, office number

    Walbridge Elementary School

    5000 Davison
    Saint Louis, Missouri
    Diamond Carr, Coordinator
    314-261-8282, Office Number

    Yeatman Elementary School

    4265 Athlone
    Saint Louis, Missouri
    Melissa Nash, Coordinator
    314-261-8134, Office Number

    Vashon High School

    3035 Cass
    Saint Louis, Missouri
    Tanjila Bolden, Coordinator
    314-652-9961, Office Number