• In-District Transfers

    The In-District transfer process only applies to St. Louis Public School District residents who wish to apply to schools within the SLPS district but are not within their neighborhood.

     General Information

    All transfer requests will be evaluated based upon criteria, which may include:

    1. The student is a victim of a violent criminal offense in or on the resident school grounds.
    2. Significant family and/or student circumstances of an educational, medical, financial, or personal nature, which would be relieved by a transfer.
    3. Sibling of a transferred student.
    4. A change occurs in the parent/guardian’s official residence within the District.
    5. A request is made to enroll a student in a school prior to the parent/guardian moving into that school’s attendance area with documentation showing the move will occur within two months of thestart of the school year or the date of the transfer submission, whichever is later.
    6. An officially established academic program not offered at the resident school (i.e. special or gifted placements; this does not include before and after care services or extracurricular activities).

    The ECE Offices has the right to deny requests that are not related to the criteria listed above and/or reasons related to the following:

    1. Desire to be with friends (including continuation with youth activity/sport group).
    2. Proximity to the school (either a non-home based residence or place of employment).
    3. Family convenience. 
    4. Class sizes.
    5. Preference for before/after care services, athletic, extracurricular, or co-curricular programs.
    6. Student file information (i.e. medical, dental etc.) is not current and cannot be obtained from   parent/guardian.


    Transfers will be evaluated on several factors, which may include the reason for the request, student history, and space availability.  There are no guarantees of approval.  Please review the transfer policy and criteria, read the request form carefully before signing, and attach all necessary documentation.  Incomplete requests or requests not received within a timely manner may be returned without consideration.

    *Unsatisfactory academic, attendance, or behavioral histories may be grounds for denial or revocation regardless of the reason for the transfer (except court-ordered transfers).

    An approved transfer will be granted, subject to the following conditions: compliance with District and school policies, as well as satisfactory attendance, academic achievement, and behavior.

     Miscellaneous General Provisions for All Transfers

    1. Students who wish to transfer to a different In-District school must apply in accordance with established request procedures.
    2. Students granted permission to attend a District school other than the school in their assigned attendance area will have the same curricular and extracurricular status as all other students attending the school, consistent with applicable SLPS
    3. Students are expected to remain in good attendance and complete the final registration process for the school in their assigned attendance area pending decision on a transfer request.
    4. Recruitment of students by District employees is strictly prohibited (i.e. recruiting from other In-District schools).
    5. Student(s) may not sign up for any extra-curricular activities and/or field trips at the school they are requesting a transfer to until the transfer is approved.
    6. Once the transfer is completed at the new school, student(s) will no longer be eligible to attend any extra-curricular activities and/or field trips at the school they are requesting to leave.
    7. Students whose place of residence within the District changes during the school year must notify the home school and/or the ECE Office.  
    8. Once a transfer is approved, students are expected to enroll/attend at their requested school in a timely manner; otherwise, the transfer will be voided.



    Failure to adhere to this addendum of SAB policy (5119.7) will result in the child/children being immediately returned to the neighborhood assigned school and/or withdrawn by the ECE office, no exception.