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  • English Language Learners (ELLs) are taught with their native-speaking English peers in Pre-K classrooms across the district.

    Elementary schools with historically high numbers of ELLs are considered English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Center schools. These schools provide full-time support to families whose home language is a language other than English. Language supports include:

    • An itinerant Pre-K ELL teacher who provides weekly individualized and/or small group support for potential ELLs who test at entering, beginning or developing levels of English proficiency. 
    • Teaching staff who can support the continued development of both the child's home language and English during instruction starting in Kindergarten

    Translated communications and interpretation services are available to families at all elementary schools. 

    The following schools are ESOL Centers:

    • Buder Elementary
    • Dewey International Studies Elementary
    • Mann Elementary 
    • Mason Elementary
    • Mullanphy Botanical Garden Elementary
    • Oak Hill Elementary
    • Sigel Elementary
    • Woerner Elementary
    • Woodward Elementary 

    To encourage students to become biliterate and attain proficiency in English and any of the world's languages, Saint Louis Public Schools offers the Emerging Bilingual Award to students completing P4. To qualify, a student must successfully complete 4 or more activities on the Pathways to Biliteracy Emerging Bilingual game board and turn it in to their school counselor on or prior to the due date.