• Eligibility and Important Phone Numbers

    Students are eligible for district transportation if they:

    • Turned 4 years old prior to August 1st of the current academic year (P4) and
    • Are enrolled in a magnet school or their neighborhood elementary school and live more than 1 mile away from the school site OR
    • Have an IEP with transportation included as a related service

    Parents/guardians are fully responsible for the safety and behavior of their child until he/she has boarded the bus and once he/she gets of the bus in the afternoon. P4 students must be accompanied by an adult or older and responsible sibling at pick up and drop off. If not, the student will remain on the bus in the PM and transported to one of the secured holding sites until 6 p.m. The parent/guardian is responsible for picking up the child at the holding site by 6 p.m before the Safety and Security Division is notified.

    SLPS Transportation Main Number: (314) 633-5107

    Click here to opt out of district transportation for tne school year.


    Please communicate changes to your child's routine to school personnel.

    Riding the bus is a privilege, and rights can be suspended for 1-5 days, 2 weeks, or the remainder of the school year if your child does not comply with safety regulations.