Learn and Earn
  • Program Overview 

    The Learn and Earn Internship is a program that allows qualified seniors to participate in a paid internship facilitated by STL Youth Jobs in partnership with St. Louis Public Schools.  Participants will apply to the program during the first semester of their senior year.  Once accepted, seniors will be placed in a variety of internships based on their unique interests and skill sets.  Internship opportunities range from local, small businesses to large, international Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit and government organizations. 

    The goal of Learn and Earn is to reimagine the senior year for students and equip them with the skills and experiences necessary to thrive in the 21st century.  Through participation in the program, interns will complete financial literacy and job readiness training as well as build a strong resume experience for entry into college or directly into the workforce. 

    In order to be successful in the program, all interns must maintain a C or better GPA in all academic classes they are enrolled in during the last semester of their senior year.  School counselors, job coaches and mentors will support students before, during and after the completion of the internship to guarantee a positive outcome. 

    Any interested seniors must complete the Initial Interest Form and notify their school counselor to check for academic eligibility based on transcripts.  Once cleared, qualifying seniors will receive an application to the program from STL Youth Jobs. 


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    For the Initial Interest FormLearn and Earn Interest Form 

    Program Requirements 

    Students must: 

    • Qualify academically as determined by a school counselor and administrator
    • Complete an online application for the program
    • Agree to and sign the internship contract
    • Be willing to complete the pre-internship requirements, including job readiness training and financial literacy training

    Students will be responsible for: 

    • Maintaining current academic coursework at school site
    • Adhering to the professional expectations of the host internship site
    • Effectively communicating with school counselor, job coach, and site supervisor

    Contact Information 

    For information about the program for students and families, please contact the school counselor where the student will attend high school for the senior year. 

    For information about the program for school leaders, community members, and businesses, please contact: 

    Dr. Joshua Henning 

    Administrator of Learn and Earn 

    801 N. 11th Street 

    St. Louis, MO 63101 



    For information on how to become an organization that hosts interns, please contact: 

    Jerica Robinson, MSW 

    STL Youth Jobs 

    Director of Partnerships & Impact 

    Email: jerica@stlyouthjobs.org or youth@stlyouthjobs.org  

    Phone: 314-499-8176 ext. 2