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Karen Priest

Karen Priest has volunteered with St. Louis Public Schools for nine years as tutor, and had just recently become involved with the OASIS tutoring organization.  

Q: Do you enjoy tutoring?

A: I just eat it up. I just love it. I love it more than anything I did for pay, this is the best.

Q: How did you get started in the OASIS program?

A: I didn’t even do OASIS till last year, and for me the bi-monthly (meetings) and the materials had frankly made me wish I had signed up with them nine years ago. (It’s) very high quality education material.

Q: What is the best way to help the children learn?

A: You make learning fun, reading fun. If you can establish that love of learning early, they do not lose that.

Q: Would you recommend tutoring to others?

A: Yea, absolutely! I think there’s got to be people out there, especially retired people, who have time who are not aware of how much they would love it.