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    Paperless Pay

    The payroll department is pleased to announce that District employees are now able to view and print pay stub information on-line!

    Please use the link below to create your account and view/print your check stub.  This service is part of a District-wide initiative to expand the use of ‘paperless’ processes within administrative functions to enhance the delivery of information to employees.  We hope you find this a welcome improvement in this particular payroll function. 


    The site will direct you through setting up your account.  Two items of information you will need are:  (1) Your employee ID – which is your Social Security Number; and (2) your PIN – which is 8 characters consisting of the last 4 digits of you social security number plus the year of your birth.  Your account has the highest level of security. 

    The advantages of this change are:

    -        Save your time

    -        Never lose an advice

    -        Access to your advice anytime from anywhere

    -        Moving the District GREEN – It is good for the environment

    -        Quicker access to your pay information – you will be able to view your information the day prior to payday.

    -        Your confidential information is safer