• **Travel documentation funded by GOB dollars should be completed at least 30 days BEFORE the first day of travel and at least 45 days BEFORE for grant funded travel**

    Docusign Travel Process: Do not click the link below if you don't have the following information ready!

    • Personnel Number
    • Employee Vendor Number (Contact your School or Department admin or your Procurement Buyer/Analyst for this number)
    • Required Supporting Documentation
      • Conference Itinerary 
      • Registration Information
        • Vendor Number for the company you are paying registration fees to (i. e., ASCD - V600002067)
      • Transportation Supporting Documentation
        • Quote from Brentwood (if applicable) 
          • Brentwood Travel Vendor Number (V600000619)
        • Travel Schedule (if applicable)
        • Google Map (if applicable)
      • Hotel Reservation Documentation
      • GL5000 Budget to Actuals showing available budget in your travel line
    • Your Supervisor's email
      • Do not guess!! Please open an email to ensure you have the correct email address or this process WILL NOT WORK!

    Once all documents have been compiled, scanned, and emailed, save the file to a location where you can retrieve it as you will need to attach the file to the Travel Docusign form.

    Now that you have confirmed that you have all of the above: Click the link below that applies to your travel (pre or post).


    If for any reason you need to complete the document after you open it, click the finish later button in the top left corner.  You will be sent an email to complete at later time.


    Travel Policies/Procedures/Forms





    BACKUP Travel Document Process (only if needed):