WELCOME SLPS Students, Parents & Family!!! I hope you and your loved ones are all safe and healthy during these unprecedented circumstances. Parents please be assured that the SLPS Board of Education, administration, teachers and staff are working feverishly to make sure your scholar progress through the health science program remains as unaltered as possible. To the students enrolled in the health science program, I want you to know it is our goal to continue to support you in completing your educational goals. For high school students, the time commitment for virtual lessons and assignments will be 5 to 10 hours of classwork per week for your health science course. Students thank you all for your grit and drive as you work to improve your life and the lives of your families by focusing on your education. We will continue to communicate with you regularly during these unprecedented times.


     Summer Break Is Here!!!!  Please email me any questions you may have. I will make every attempt to return your email within 24 hours. My email address is felicia.hampton@slps.orgPlease click on "About The Teacher" to learn more about me. 



    I will be using Microsoft Teams to post assignment and lessons.  Your student will be invited via their SLPS student account to join my classroom team.  To join Microsoft Teams, students need to open their SLPS district email and follow the instructions from Microsoft TEAMS, They can also download the Microsoft Teams apps for free to their electronic devices for easier access.  The class teams will be posted by 4/1/20.  All assignments and lessons will be posted by 8 am every Monday. 

     Microsoft Teams Links

    Seniors (Patient Care Practicum)

    Microsoft Teams Link for Patient Care Practicum (Seniors)

    Juniors (Health Science Service Aide II)

    Microsoft Teams for Health Service Aide II (Juniors)


    • District's direct HOTLINE for families and students needing help 314-345-6900 or studentservices@slps.org
    • Financial, social and emotional resources:www.slps.org/resources
    • Academic resources and virtual learning: https://www.slps.org/Page/46686
    • Distribution sites for student meals: www.slps.org/meals
    • FAQs: www.slps.org/covidfaq


    1. If at anytime you experience a technical problem (that is a problem with accessing a webpage or problems with your computer) email techhelp@slps.org for assistance.
    2. All assignments and due dates are posted in Microsoft Teams.  If you do not have access to Microsoft Teams, please  Download Microsoft Teams to download instructions that will allow you to download a free version.
    3. During Distance Learning the class assignments are all ONLINE with the assistance of Cengage Learning Management. 
    4. To access Cengage Learning Mangement - CLICK HERE.
    5.  If the student has forgotten his/her login for Cengage Learning Management System please email me immedately at - felicia.hampton@slps.org