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    Name: Josh Torres Wedding 
    Room Number(s): 418N
    Subject: Social Studies
    AP World History 
    Honors United States History 
    United States History
    Email: joshua.wedding@slps.org
    Phone: (314) 776-3300

    Planning period:
    A days: 2nd period-8:48-10:21 (Mondays, Wednesdays, Some Fridays)
    B days: 5th period-7:10-8:43 (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Some Fridays) 
    1st: U.S. History
    2nd: Plan
    3rd: AP World History
    4th: Honors U.S. History
    5th: PLC/Plan
    6th: U.S. History
    7th: AP World History
    8th:  U.S. History
    Certifications: High School and Middle School Social Studies, English, and K-12 Special Education.
    Bachelor’s: History, Education, Minor in Music: Percussion Performance.  
    Master's: MA in History, with focus on Urban History and Intellectual History. 

    As a teacher of AP World History and U.S. History, I am lucky to be able to honestly say that I have my dream job.   

    I have learned a great deal from our students, who inspire and amaze me on a regular basis.  As someone who is passionate about the importance of both education and cities, I am proud to work for SLPS and feel privileged to teach at Gateway STEM.

    After studying history, education, and music at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, I completed my student teaching at Gateway STEM in 2008. As an undergrad student, I worked at St. Louis’s most unbelievable institution, the City Museum.  

    I spent two years teaching ESOL in Seoul, South Korea from 2008-2010, and used my vacation to travel extensively in Asia. After leaving Korea, I took the Trans-Siberian across Russia, using my savings to spend the better part of a year in Europe and North Africa.

    After returning to St. Louis, I worked on a master’s degree in History at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  While studying I also worked for Special School District at McCluer South-Berkeley High School, and then at Riverview Gardens as an alternative middle school teacher.

    When I’m not teaching, I love to read, converse with friends, ride my bicycle, and travel. My brother lives in South America, and I’ve visited him in Chile, Colombia, and the mountains of Patagonia.

    I currently live in south city St. Louis, with two cats, an absurd amount of plants, and the most wonderful person I’ve ever met: my wife, Maria.