• Mr. Torres Wedding
    Name: Josh Torres Wedding 
    Room Number(s): 418N
    Subject: Social Studies
    AP World History 
    United States History
    Email: joshua.wedding@slps.org
    Phone: (314) 776-3300

    Planning period:
    A days: 3rd period-10:20-12:29 (Mondays, Wednesdays, Some Fridays)
    B days: 5th period-7:10-8:43 (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Some Fridays) 
    1st: U.S. History
    2nd: AP World History
    3rd: Plan
    4th: U.S. History
    5th: PLC/Plan
    6th: U.S. History
    7th: AP World History
    8th:  U.S. History
    Certifications: High School and Middle School Social Studies, English, and K-12 Special Education.
    Bachelor’s: History, Education, Minor in Music: Percussion Performance.  
    Master's: MA in History, with focus on Urban History and Intellectual History. 

    As a teacher of AP World History and U.S. History, I am lucky to be able to honestly say that I have my dream job.   

    I have learned a great deal from our students, who inspire and amaze me on a regular basis.  As someone who is passionate about the importance of both education and cities, I am proud to work for SLPS and feel privileged to teach at Gateway STEM.

    After studying history, education, and music at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, I completed my student teaching at Gateway STEM in 2008. As an undergrad student, I worked at St. Louis’s most unbelievable institution, the City Museum.  

    I spent two years teaching ESOL in Seoul, South Korea from 2008-2010, and used my vacation to travel extensively in Asia. After leaving Korea, I took the Trans-Siberian across Russia, using my savings to spend the better part of a year in Europe and North Africa.

    After returning to St. Louis, I worked on a master’s degree in History at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  While studying I also worked for Special School District at McCluer South-Berkeley High School, and then at Riverview Gardens as an alternative middle school teacher.

    When I’m not teaching, I love to read, converse with friends, ride my bicycle, and travel. My brother lives in South America, and I’ve visited him in Chile, Colombia, and the mountains of Patagonia.

    This summer’s travel included time in France, the Netherlands, Iceland, and a few weeks camping in Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

    I currently live in south city St. Louis, with two cats, an absurd amount of plants, and the most wonderful person I’ve ever met: my wife, Maria.