• Greg Stephan
    Room Number(s): 118E
    Subject(s): Leadership Education 100
    Building Phone: 341-776-3300 x1232
    Teacher Message:
    Welcome to AFJROTC.  Hopefully, you will be a part of our unit for the full four years you are at Gateway.  As you will see, there will be many leadership and team opportunities that will open up for you and it is our desire that you take full advantage of them.  If there are any uniform issues or problems while you are in JROTC, make sure you let me know since I am the uniform custodian.
    I am one of the two AS 1 (first year AFJROTC cadets) instructors and teach the leadership portion of our curriculum.  This includes patriotism, respect, discipline and citizenship among other things.  Uniform wear, drill and teamwork is also a large part of your learning experience this year.  
    I was fortunate to spend my younger life traveling and living in many different countries.  After spending a few years in college, I joined the Air Force and served 20 years as an aircraft mechanic and recruiter.  I have been teaching AFJROTC since 2004 and here at Gateway since 2013.