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Mr. Jim LaFever



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Mr. Jim LaFever

2020/2021 is my 11th year at Gateway STEM and my 15th year in SLPS.  I am 54 years old and I have lived in the St. Louis area since I was halfway through kindergarten.  I attended DeSmet High School and I went to St. Louis University and UMSL for my undergrad and graduate degrees.  I currently live with my oldest daughter, who is a teacher in the Parkway School district.  


Contact me at james.lafever@slps.org                                                     


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  • Here are the links to my Teams pages.  The Zoom link for live class is listed on the Teams site.  I will attempt to have it in multiple places on the page.


    1st Period Honors Geometry    3rd Period Geometry            4th Period Geometry       

      8:30-10 am  A days                       12-1:30 pm  A days              1:30-3 pm  A days        

    Here is the Teams page            Here is the Teams page        Here is the Teams page  


    5th Period Alg 350                   6th Period Geometry             8th Period Alg 350       

    8:30-10 am  B days                   10-11:30 am  B days                 1:30-3 pm  B days

    Here is the Teams page          Here is the Teams pag             Here is the Teams page