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    Mr. McCoy
    Communication Arts Instructor
    Room Number: 325E
    Subject(s): ELA
    Welcome Quarantined Masses.  This is Mr. McCoy's teacher page.  My teacher page acts as a syllabus for online learning during the Covid-19 SLPS closure.  All instruction and assignments are located on Microsoft Teams.  If you need technical assistance, e-mail jason.mccoy@slps.org.
    Introduction: My name is Jason McCoy.  I teach World Literature (Sophomore English, E2) and American Literature (Junior English, E3).  I have a bachelor's degree in English and Secondary English instruction as well as a master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language.
    Virtual Office Hours:  Contact me via Teams Chat and I'll answer between 6:55am and 2:17pm each day.  If you use Teams chat outside of that time, I'll respond the next day.  If you e-mail me at jason.mccoy@slps.org between Monday and Friday at 2:17pm, I'll get back to you in 24 hours.  If you would like to schedule a conference, please let me know when you would like to meet in Teams chat from 6:55am to 2:17pm, Monday through Friday.
    Submitting Classwork:  All classwork should be submitted through Teams.  If you are having trouble, email jason.mccoy@slps.org.
    Direct Link to Microsoft Teams: See the login information below.

    Teams Log-In Information

    • Go to this link.  If it is not clickable, copy it and paste it into the URL bar at the top of your browser:  https://bit.ly/slpsemail 
    • Look for “someone@example.com” and type [school username]@slps.org in that box.  If you do not know your school username, email jason.mccoy@slps.org.
    • Look for “Password” and type your SLPS computer password into that box.  If you do not know your school password, email jason.mccoy@slps.org.
    • Click Teams.  You may need to download Microsoft Teams at this point if you are on a phone.
    • Go to your World Lit. or American Lit. team.
    • Click “Assignments”.
    • Complete the “Distance Learning Survey”.

    If you have technical problems, e-mail jason.mccoy@slps.org.

    If you have a grade lower than a C, I have contacted you for remediation. If you did not receive your remediation work, email me (jason.mccoy@slps.org).  If you want to know what your grade is, follow the steps here to access SIS 360:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=16gLiqmR55gK947mokobTWNGjgBYzPanB

    If you need resources to support you during your quarantine, please let me know. I can connect you with services and provide advice. I can tutor you or your scholar in a variety of subjects and help with tech support. Just let me know what I can help you with. Email jason.mccoy@slps.org

    I follow Gateway's policy on plagarism and cheating:


    Plagiarism, cheating, stealing answers, arranging for others to do schoolwork or exams are all considered to be academic dishonesty. Students found doing any of these activities, including final exams, can receive a grade of F or 0 and could face disciplinary action. Parent/guardian is to be notified by the teacher. Teachers are encouraged to provide the student with another opportunity to test with less credit offered. Cheating must be reported in SIS to the alpha-appropriate Assistant Principal.

    If you are struggling with coursework from my class or any class, go to the cafeteria by 2:13 on Thursdays after school to stay after for my office hours (tutoring).  I will be at Gateway from 2:13 to 5:15 to assist you with English, social studies, low level math, and low level science.  One of several busses will take you home at 5:15.
    The links below will help you with any coursework you missed.
        For as long as I can remember, I have loved reading and writing.  The vast, interconnected worlds of my favorite authors helped me to grow and develop my own voice as a writer.  When I attended St. Louis University, I spent several summers working as a backpacking instructor at Wyman Teen Leadership Camp.  The skills and confidence that I helped teens develop at camp translated well to their daily lives. I became hooked on helping teens develop into competent and confident young adults.  I graduated from St. Louis University with a double major in English and English Education. I worked as a substitute teacher and a writing instructor in several districts before SLPS. This is my fourth year at Gateway, and I currently teach American Literature and Sophomore English.  I currently am enrolled in a TESOL Master’s program at Webster. I’m excited to explore the works of great writers with you and help you to increase your reading, writing, speaking, and persuasion skills. I hope to do that with texts and assignments that challenge you. If you need my help, make an appointment before school, after school, during lunch, or during my planning periods, and I would be glad to help.
    Classroom Highlights:
    - Don Robinson State Park Visit - Article - Video
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