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    Welcome! I am glad you found me! I will updating activities and on this page!
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    I live and love the city of St. Louis have been teaching at Gateway STEM for 24 years. I have a BA in English and a BS in Secondary Education from UMSL. I love to travel and read. 
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    Classroom Activities! 
    Lizzie Petersen

    Lizzy Petersen, Director, founded Outside Literary Magazine to showcase the amazing talents of young people at Saint Louis Public Schools. Petersen led a Social Justice Workshop on November 15th for our Gateway STEM sophomores.

    Check out their work!


    Students will be participating in a collaborative effort between Washington University and Gateway STEM called the  K-12 Climate Across Curriculum. Students will learn about climate change this February 2024 with professors from Washington University! Click here to learn more!


    Students are posing in front of a living wall at Washington University in February of 2023! Gateway students are learning about sustainability alongside students at Washington University.
    More about me!
    A highight from my East Asian Literature class I took this summer at the University of Indiana - Bloomington.
    Here I am engaged with the  K-12 Climate Across Curriculum program in 2019. This program inspired my Climate Unit with Washington University. 
    Syllabus for AP English Language and Composition:
    Syllabus for English II: