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                        AFJROTC MO-851st

    Senior Aerospace Science Instructor:  Lt Col Ditlevson

    Aerospace Science Instructors:  Lt Col Ditlevson
                                                      MSgt Stephan                                                                                      Ms. Karen Sennie (ILA)



    Room Number(s): Office 116E
                                Supply Rm 117E
                                AS-4 Rm 120E
                                AS-2 & 3 Rm 119E
                                AS-1 Rm 118E
    Subject(s): Aerospace Science and Leadership
    Phone: 314-776-3300 (use the 1 + the room number + 0 for the extension of each room.  Example:  Office extension is 11230). 

    Since the early 20th century with the first flight of the Wright Brothers, the quest for air and space exploration and power has been an on-going endeavor (AFPAM36-2241V1, 2003).  Since that time, military technological developments have soared and we have all reaped the rewards with such devices as cell phones  and personal computers.  It isn’t as widely known however, that our services have also made great contributions to the education and development of our citizens and communities.  In the early 1900s a program was established to help young men become better citizens in their communities and at school.  As time progressed so did the concept.  The National Defense Act of 1916 was signed authorizing a junior course for non-college military schools, high schools, and other non-preparatory schools; and so began the establishment of JROTC. Over time the course changed to include women and encompass curriculum that would help prepare our youth for success in school, in their communities, and throughout life.  In essence, the Mission is to "Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community."

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