• Gateway STEM students can choose from a variety of majors in career based majors, that will make them more prepared for college and the real world experience they will encounter. Below is the list of Majors and the requirements for each. 

    Science Major

    5 science classes including 1 AP Science course

    Math Major

    5 mathematics classes including 1 AP Math course


    Vet Science Survey (11th), Vet Science Internship (12), Anatomy


    Health Careers Exploration (11th), Emergency Medical Internship (12th), and Anatomy

    Patient Care

    Health Careers Exploration (11th), Patient Care Practicum (12th), and Anatomy

    Rehab Therapy

    Health Careers Exploration (11th), Rehab Therapy Practicum (12th), and Anatomy

    Business Management

    Business Management Theory (11th) and Business Mgt/Internship (12th)


    Fundamentals of Marketing (11th), Advanced Marketing and Marketing Internship (12th)

    Business (General)

    5 Business Courses


    Aviation Maintenance (11th) and Airframe (12th)

    PLTW (Engineering)

    PLTW IED (1stCourse), PLTW POE (2ndCourse), PLTW DE, CMA Engineering Design (Capstone Course)


     A minimum of 3 years in AFJROTC and 1 AP Social Studies course