Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Chris Martens

I have  been in education for over twenty years, spending the last nineteen in the City of St. Louis. I am an Educator of the Year recipient. Most recently, I  served as an English Teacher at Carnhahan High School of the Future.  I have also worked as an administrator of an alternative charter school, and as the district's Culture and Climate coordinator.  I am excited to be starting my first year at Gateway STEM.

I have a sign above my desk that says "Broken Crayons Still Color," and I consider myself a broken crayon.  My priority in life has been to be a cheerleader and advocate for "Broken Crayons."  I have a passion for working with young people to set goals for their future and helping them devise and execute the plan to achieve their goals.  If you have any need to contact me, please email me at