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    Name: Brian Sorgea
    Room Number:428E
    Subject(s): American Government and AP American Government
    School Year: 2019-20
    Rm Phone: 14390
    Virtual School Hours 8:00 am-3:00 pm Mon.-Fri. 
    Thanks For Visiting
    Teacher Message: Students are expected to check in daily for assignments and projects, use Class/PD TEAMs to communicate and turn in assignments. Check regularly for communication and interactive learning. 

    Click on either American Government or AP Government to find assignment through your periods teams link and you will find your first assignment under post or assignments if your are having dificulty finding the assignment or teams page please email me @ brian.sorgea@slps.org 

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    Biography: BA in History and Political Science - St. Louis University 1992;
    Masters in the Art of Teaching, Secondary Education Social Studies - Webster University 2002;
    SLPS Gateway Institute of Technology 2009.  Masters Degree in Education with 17+ years experience in academic teaching at the secondary and post secondary level.  Five years experience as a Department Chair overseeing faculty development.