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              Name:   Jeff Ditlevson, Lt Col (Ret), USAF
                Email: jeffery.ditlevson@slps.org
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         subjects   Subject(s) for 2023-24:  AFJROTC Aerospace Science:
                    "AS-220 -  Global Awareness - Cultural Studies
                    " LE-400 - Fundamentals of Management"
                     Cadet Health and Wellness (Physical Fitness)
    Big News    Teacher Message:    
    Welcome back to another exciting school year!   Last year was an interesting one, as Col Katka
    left for another opportunity early in the year, leaving the SASI position vacant.  Hopefully, I was
    able to mostly fill his shoes as I learned the SASI job on the fly.  With most of a year under my
    belt now, I feel confident in the SASI role, and together we can make some great things happen.  
    This year, we will continue utilizing our technologies through TEAMS, Nearpod and other
    interactive tools.  As a participant in a STEM school (which we BOTH are!), it is imperative we 
    integrate these (and other) technologies into our educational pedagogy.  Check your syllabi for
    your specific course and course content, however you can see the courses I will be teaching listed
    at the top of this page.  Volunteer for things, join the drill or model airplane club, come out to
    parades and other events.  JROTC will be as much fun as YOU allow it to be!!
    Be sure you have the Microsoft TEAMS app teams loaded onto one or more of your
    technology items, as that will be where we do all (or most) of our work.   I would also recommend
    you add the
    Nearpod app nearpod to your devices, as we will be using that extensively for Do-Nows, quizzes, checks for
    understanding, and other interactive engagement. 
    afjrotc shield Some background information on Air Force JROTC:
    Air Force JROTC provides leadership training and an aerospace science program for high school students.
    Secondary school students who enroll in the AFJROTC program are offered a wide variety of curricular
    and extra-curricular activities. The program explores the historic and scientific aspects of aerospace
    technology and teaches high school students self-reliance, self-discipline and other characteristics found
    in good leaders. The AFJROTC program is open to 9th-12th grade students who are citizens of the
    United States. The program is not a recruiting tool for the military services and those students who
    participate in AFJROTC do not incur any obligation to the Air Force.  We will never attempt to recruit 
    or enlist your student in military service, however we can assist you in that endeavor if you're

    The objectives of Air Force Junior ROTC are to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship
    and life skills; promote community service; instill a sense responsibility; develop character and
    self-discipline through education and instruction in air and space fundamentals and the
    Air Force’s core values of “integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.”
    The program has 878 AFJROTC units with an additional 14 National Defense Cadet Corps units for a total
    of 892 units in high schools world-wide. There are more than 121,000 high school cadets in the program
    and over 1,950 retired USAF instructors who lead, mentor, guide, and teach our cadets in high schools
    in the US and around the world. AFJROTC enjoys overwhelming school administration and community
    support because of the huge positive impact on cadets, schools, communities, and our nation. In many
    communities that have no military bases within many miles, the cadets and instructors of AFJROTC
    are truly “The face of the US Air Force in communities all over the US and the world.” 
    Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Jeff Ditlevson is currently the Senior Aerospace Science Instructor
    at Gateway STEM High School in St. Louis, MO.  In his position, he is responsible for educating
    and training 150-200 high school cadets in citizenship, promoting community service, instilling
    responsibility, character, and self-discipline.  He also provides instruction in air and space
    fundamentals and the history of aviation.  He manages all AF logistics, budgets and communictions.
    He also serves as a liaison between the Air Force and civilian agencies in the aerospace field, and
    performs career and academic counseling. 
    His last assignment, while on Active Duty in the Air Force ,was as the Deputy Director, Force
    Protection Directorate, United States Air Forces Central Command (USAFCENT).  There, he
    was responsible for assisting the Force Protection Director in enabling Force Protection
    operations affecting 35,000 airmen in the 20-nation Area of Responsibility.  He shaped Force
    Protection policies and priorities supporting the Department of Defense, USCENTCOM,
    USFOR-A, ISAF and component Force Protection operations.  He guided and managed strategic
    Force Protection planning for antiterrorism programs, security for AOR exercises and air shows. 
    He also managed $202,000,000  in Force Protection equipment at 12 primary, forward-deployed
    bases, and administered over $100,000,000 in security contracts annually.
    Lt Col (ret) Ditlevson graduated from Officer Training School and was commissioned as a
    Security Police Officer in 1994.  Throughout his career, he has performed duties as flight
    commander,nuclear security officer responsible for protecting 150 Minuteman nuclear missiles,
    flight training officer, operations officer, deputy commander providing direct Presidential security
    support along with Secret Service, in-resident Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE) student,
    squadron commander and Combatant Command and Headquarters Air Force (Pentagon)
    branch and division chief.  Lt Col (ret) Ditlevson served nearly 21 years in the U.S. Air Force.  

    Before joining the Air Force, he also worked as a police officer for nearly 5 years in the state of
                                      education      EDUCATION

    YEAR           DEGREE                                                                    SCHOOL                                  

    1988          Bachelor of Science - Law Enforcement                       Minnesota State Univ, MN


    1999         Squadron Officer School - Leadership                       Maxwell Air Force Base, AL  

                     College for Air Force junior officers                         *named "Outstanding Contributor"


    2001         Master of Science - Business Administration             Central Michigan University, MI


    2006         Master of Arts - Homeland Security and                   Naval Postgraduate School, CA



    2006         Naval Command and Staff College - joint                 Naval Postgraduate School, CA

                    service leadership college for senior officers           *named Distinguished Graduate


    Pres          Master of Arts - Education   (in progress)                 Univ of Central Missouri, MO



    * current as of 22 Aug 2020
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