• Welcome to Jaguar Cross Country

    Here are a few considerations to ensure a successful season.

    Individual expectations for Cross Country


    1. Be on time and attend all practices. Contact the head coach in case of emergency BEFORE PRACTICE BEGINS!
    2. An unexcused absence from practice results in suspension from Varsity competition for one meet. Multiple absences may result in dismissal from the team. Individual exceptions will be made in situations such as sickness, school make up work, injuries and emergencies.
    3.  Know and follow directions to workout expectations.
    4.  Listen when coaches are explaining workout routines and expectations.
    5.  Display good sportsmanship at practice and at meets.
    6. Encourage and support ALL teammates.
    7. Attitude is everything. If you believe you can achieve something, you’re off to a good start.
    8. Learn to accept praise and criticism. If you disagree with a coach, ask to talk privately with that coach concerning the matter.
    9. School comes first. Take care of grades and relationships with teachers. You may need the support of your teachers, especially if you miss their class during the season.
    10. Cell phones must be turned off during practices and meets. 



     Practice Preparation

        1. Don’t eat large amounts of food within 2-3 hours of practice.
        2. Hydrate! Drink water throughout the day.
        3. Wear lightweight clothing for summer practices. Shirts are required.
        4. Bring a replacement fluid to drink immediately after running.
        5. Use common sense when snacking before practice. Eat properly!
        6. Avoid caffeine. (carbonated drinks, iced tea, and coffee)
        7. Your preparation for race days should be the same as your preparation for practices.
        8. Eight or more hours of sleep is important in a training routine.


     Team Workout Expectations


        1. Be sure you stretch with the team and are properly warmed up. Stay together as a team.
        2. Model positive behavior and encourage teammates.
        3. Help new runners learn practice and meet procedures.
        4. Participate in and help organize team activities.
        5. Work to your ability level.
        6. Follow goals and expectations set forth by the coach.


    Be a leader!!!

      • Be proud to be a distance runner at Gateway!!!

    Road Running Rules


        1. Always run facing traffic.
        2. When traffic is present, run single file.
        3. Don’t split the group! Everyone should run on one side of the road.
        4. Try to run as a group when possible. Otherwise, find a partner to stay with.
        5. Show respect to motorists.
        6. Cross together at intersections when possible.
        7. Stay off private property.
        8. Road running makes cross country more fun. It’s a privilege. Don’t lose the right to run on the roads.
        10. Do not alter training runs unless instructed by a coach.


    Girls Head Coach: John Everson

    Boys Head Coach: John Everson

    Athletic Director: Timothy Basler

    Volunteer: Juanita Coleman


    Phone: 314.776.3300