• SLPS Governance Committee
    Board Member Onboarding Plan

    Revised 9/26/2021


    Education outreach prior to candidate filing

    a) School Board school – meeting(s) with filed candidates to answer questions and present information. The Governance committee will have responsibility for conducting this meeting.  Board members who are up for election will not participate. The meeting(s) 30-60 days prior to the first day of filing (Oct-Nov for April Elections May-June November elections).

    Topics for School Board School will include:

      • Norms, Ethics (Code of ethics, nepotism etc.) and expectations (time commitment, committee involvement, community and legislative outreach)
      • What a school board does (and doesn’t do)
      • Governance vs. Operations 
      • Advocacy and Communication
      • Information about filing for office, MEC resources etc.

    Education outreach after the filing deadline to all filed candidates

    a) Electronic database of key information- this information will be made available in one location via the district web site (or other electronic means) to filed candidates as well as current board members to access as a resource. Documents to include.

      • Bylaws and Board operations policies
      • Most recent iteration of the Transformation Plan study
      • DESE APR/District Report Card
      • Legislative platform and priorities
      • Board and Committee meeting minutes/ key presentations for past 12 months
      • BOE self evaluation template
      • Information about officer roles and officer election
      • Board Presentation Calendar
      • Prior year budgetpresentation
      • Prior year audits
      • Facilities Plan incl. lead abatement
      • Student Support Services Plan
      • ABAR Plan

    b) Meet and greet with the Superintendent

    c) Meet and greet with Board members whose seats are not up for election


    Onboarding Calendar

    Nov. or April  After the certification of the election and prior to being sworn in, meeting conducted by current board officers and the Superintendent to cover:

      • Board resources on the SLPS web site including Board Docs., Norms and bylaws,
      • Overview of the Board Agenda and Meeting Protocol
      • Overview of Board Committees

    Nov. or April   Board Work Session (including swearing in of newly elected Board members and possible election of Board officers)

    Additional onboarding sessions, 1x per month for four months

    The Governance committee will work with the Board President and Superintendent to ensure the appropriate administrative staff present about district operations at board onboarding sessions.          

    Session I

    Intro to  Budget

    Basics of the Strategic/Transformation Plan

    Newly Elected Board Member State Education Requirements

    Session II

    Presentation on Pillars of the Transformation Plan 1

    Pillar 1: Excellent schools

    Pillar 3: Teacher Retention and Recruitment

    Pillar 4: Read to Succeed

    Session III

    Presentation on Pillars of the Transformation Plan 2

    Pillar 3: Equity and Fairness

    Pillar 2: Community Partners

    Session IV

     Legislation and Advocacy

    Overview of Supt. Evaluation

    Follow-up from earlier sessions

     Annual Board Retreat During Summer Break