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    The St. Louis Elected Board of Education is dedicated to building a collaborative community of lifelong learners who are inspired to become caring, responsible, innovative, and productive citizens.  We are committed to ensuring all of our students are given the academic knowledge and critical thinking skills they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

    As we address the many challenges facing public education, our students’ success remains at the heart of our mission. The St. Louis Elected Board of Education is confident that Superintendent Dr. Adams and his entire staff are working to create a supportive, positive, rigorous, and culturally responsive learning environment.  We appreciate all the parents who entrust their children’s futures to the St. Louis Public School District. 

    All Elected Board members share a common vision of a solid educational foundation for every student, and we will continue our work with the SLPS Administration as the framework for this goal. We have high expectations for all students and staff, and will work to influence sound policy that will assist every student in achieving their full potential.

    The St. Louis Elected Board of Education aims for transparency, accountability, and accessibility. We welcome your input and involvement throughout our transition back to local control of our district.  We are passionate about the advancement of all St. Louis Public Schools students, and the enrichment of our city as a whole.

    The St. Louis Elected Board of Education encourages and welcomes every citizen to stay engaged in our children’s learning, and we believe in implementing avenues for meaningful interaction with the public. School Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. In our effort for inclusiveness and open dialogue, our meeting dates and times are listed here https://www.slps.org/Page/30735.

    We hope to see and hear from you!

    The St. Louis Elected Board of Education