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    Principles for School Operation Partnerships: Saint Louis Public Schools


    The Board of Education of the City of Saint Louis acknowledges and accepts its responsibility for the education of all children in the city of Saint Louis. In addition to exercising leadership over all schools within its Local Education Agency (LEA), the Board takes an active role in the support of all students through its coordination of and partnership with all education institutions in the city.


    At times, the Board of Education receives and evaluates proposals for School Operation Partnerships. These proposals may take the form of charter sponsorship, contract school arrangements, or facility-use agreements for other schools.


    To best guide decisions for these evaluations, the Board of Education has adopted the following principles based on the district’s unique mission and role in the education landscape of the city:

    ❏ All proposals shall expand access to educational opportunities of the highest caliber to students within the boundaries of the City of Saint Louis.

    ❏ All proposals shall specifically enhance the educational opportunities of children from communities that have historically been most marginalized.

    ❏ All proposals shall represent a unique offering within the overall system.

    ❏ All proposals shall address a specific unmet need of the overall system.

    ❏ All proposals shall minimize ill-effects on the overall education system, specifically in the areas of financial sustainability and redundancy.

    ❏ All proposing entities shall commit to exploring expanded efficiencies with the administration of Saint Louis Public Schools, in good faith.

    ❏ All proposing entities shall demonstrate educational expertise and operational capacity to manage a high-performing program with minimal risk of failure.

    ❏ All proposals shall ensure appropriate processes to meet all compliance requirements under Missouri statute.

    ❏ All proposals shall reflect the core values of the district, including but not limited to diversity, equity, and inclusion for staff and students.

    ❏ All proposals shall include effective student, family, educator and community agency in the development and operation of the school.