EMT Class and Course Overviews

    An EMT, or emergency medical technician, is the first level of response to medical emergencies like car accidents, heart attacks or other accidents. EMTs deliver basic medical treatment on the scene and help transport patients back to the hospital, where they report to the physician. EMTs must pass a certified training program at the basic level and obtain state certification.

    EMT Class

    EMT courses are also offered by accredited community colleges, universities and hospitals, and they usually take over 180 hours to complete. Upon completion of this class, graduates are prepared for the certifying exam for emergency medical technicians. Course topics include assessing the patient's condition, performing CPR, dealing with blood loss, administering bandages, managing respiratory problems, first response treatment for common injuries and emergency childbirth. The EMT-Basic class includes hours in the classroom and the field. They may then advance to the intermediate level and, eventually, to the more advanced paramedic level.