• Procedure for Implementing Community Engagement Plan


    The Board of Education for the City of St. Louis recognizes the importance of ongoing community engagement in supporting the district's mission and is committed to engaging the community in meaningful and intentional ways.

     Patrons of the district are encouraged to express ideas, concerns and comments about school programs through written correspondence, service on citizen advisory committees and responses to surveys authorized by the Board, in accordance with Board policies and procedures for receiving public complaints and public participation at Board meetings, and as otherwise authorized or required for district participation in state and federal programs.

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    Written Communication

    It is crucial that district residents have the opportunity to communicate directly with the board, including outside of board meetings, where time is limited and where the district must conduct business. Community members may provide written comments to the board on a school-related topic by submitting the comments, electronically or otherwise, to the executive assistant to the Superintendent. Any communications directed to the board will be provided to all board members. The district may post on the district's website an email address or other electronic tool for the public to use to submit comments to individual board members or the board as a whole.

    Board Meetings

    The board encourages the public to attend open school board meetings. Board policies outline opportunities for the public to speak at board meetings.

    Community Engagement Plan

    This plan outlines ways in which the board can be assured of ongoing community engagement. The plan will be a tool when the district is making major changes or updates to its operations or facilities.

    Examples of when the community engagement plan may be utilized include, but are not limited to:

    • Facility or Capital Improvement Planning
    • Major Financial Planning
    • Strategic Planning 

    The district will:

    • Inform the community by providing balanced and objective information to assist in understanding the problem, including any alternatives or solution. The district may utilize the following to inform the community:
      • Printed materials
      • Paid advertisements
      • Media releases and events
      • District/school-based website
      • District/school-based family mass communication
      • Social media 
      • Promotional items and materials


    • Consult with the community by obtaining community feedback on analysis, alternatives and/or decisions. The district may utilize the following to consult with the community: 
      • Written feedback forms
      • Digital feedback forms
      • Surveys (digital and in person) 
      • In-person events


    • Involve the community by working to ensure issues and concerns are consistently understood and considered. The district may utilize the following to involve the community:
      • Board appointed committees
      • Focus groups
      • Electronic and in-person feedback


    Please see the approved plan here:

    B9358.3 Revised