Phone: 314-776-3300 Ext. 13190


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Sudan.


This academic year will be my fifth year here at Gateway STEM High School. I am working with expert ESOL teachers and helping ELLs students to succeed in their lifes beyond the high school. I am currently an ESOL Bilingual Teacher Aide II. I am also Studing for an Associate Degree in teaching at St. Louis Community College Forest Park. I am assisting in ESOL classes as well as sheltered English, math, and science classes.

My Schedule 

1st Period 7:10a a.m.-8:43 a.m. Algebra 150, Room 311 Ms. carroll

2nd Period 8:48 a.m.-10:21 a.m. ESOL Read/write, Room 307 Mrs. Jones

3rd Period 10:26 a.m.-11:59 a.m. Biology, Room 311 Ms. Carroll

4th Priod 12.34 p.m.-2:07 p.m. Math Theories, Room 417 Ms. Janicik

5th Period 7:10a a.m.-8:43 a.m. Algebra 150, Room 311 Ms. Carroll

6th Period 8:48 a.m.-10:21 a.m. Split Biology & ESOL 3, Rooms 311/307

7th Period 10:26 a.m.-11:59 a.m. Academic English, Room 309 Ms. Berger

8th Period 12.34 p.m.-2:07 p.m. World literature/English 10 Room 309 Ms. Berger