• Mrs. Nolte
    Name: Lee Ann Nolte
    Room Number(s): 420 North
    Subject(s): Algebra 150 & AP Statistics
    Building Phone: 314-776-3300
    Virtual Office Hours:
    Mon - Fri  10:00am - 12:00 pm
    Happy last day of school.   I am missing our traditional year end celebration; students waving from buses, teachers waving goodbye, shouts of "have great summer", buses honking and the feeling of excitement that summer is finally here.  While our routines and lives have been altered in so many ways these past 2 months, summer will bring new opportunties for all of us.  Summer is a great time to learn something new.  Read a book or continue to pursue online learning.  Here is a list of some ideas for your summer studies:
    SLPS Reading List.  Secondary Summer Reading List
    Khan Academy:Khan Academy
    Hooda Math Games: Hooda Math
    Cool Math Games: Cool Math  (Joll's is my all time favorite)
    Freckle Math: Freckle
    Mrs. Nolte

    Hope all of you are making the most of your virtual learning opportunities.  I understand it is hard to stay motivated during these "stay at home" days.  Staying heathy includes taking care not only your body, but your mind as well.  Completing assignments can give you a sense of accomplishment and that in itself motivates you.  Take this time to find your strengths, passions and talents, understand what you can improve and set goals.  You are the captain of your future!  
    Make sure you get to spend some time outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.  I have been taking a couple of walks everyday with my new pup.
    If you have any questions you may post in Teams or send me an email at
    leeann.nolte@slps.org.  Please copy your parent on all e-mails per district policy.  Thanks.
    I miss all of you!
    Mrs. Nolte & Charlie

    I hope all of you had a nice Easter.  It was strange to have a holiday with just the three of us at my house; but we had ham, asparagus and sweet potatoes with carrot cake for desert.  Trying to make the best during this period of stay at home time.
    Grades have been entered in Teams for students who completed last week's assignments.  For my Algebra Courses I've added a Course Mastery option to your Khan Academy for this week and going forward.  You may choose any topic under course mastery and work.  Weekly goal is at least 120 learning minutes with minimum of 800 mastery points.  This is only an option, you can keep working the exponential assignments if you are more comfortable with those.  What is important is that your time is spent learning!  
    If you have any questions you may post in Teams or send me an email at leeann.nolte@slps.org.  Please copy your parent on all e-mails per district policy.  Thanks.
    I miss all of you!
    Mrs. Nolte

    Virtual Learning officially begins Monday April 6, 2020.  All my Microsoft Teams have been created, if you have not already logged in and completed the welcome Assignment please do so as soon as possible.  
    Additionally all Algebra students will need to join my Khan Academy classes:
    Remember we are learning this together and if you have any problems please reach out to me via e-mail:  leeann.nolte@slps.org

    I hope all of you are well and getting ready to get back to learning!  Assignments for all of my courses will be updated Microsoft Teams.  As Microsoft Teams are created you will receive an e-mail in your student e-email account.  Please be paitent as we are learning this together.
    For right now, please be working on the packet that was given out at the meal sites. You can also find that document here:  Keep on Learning High School
    Stay safe!
    2019-2020 Schedule of Courses:
    1st Hour:  Algebra 150/Double Dose         
    2nd Hour: AP Statistics          
    3rd Hour: Algebra 150/Double Dose
    4th Hour: PLC                               
    5th Hour: Algebra 150/Double Dose
    6th Hour: Algebra 150 Honors
    7th Hour: Algebra 150/Double Dose
    8th Hour: Planning
    Teacher Message:
    Welcome to Gateway STEM High School,  I will be teaching Algebra 150 and AP Stats for the 2019-2020 school year.