• Mrs. Nolte
    Lee Ann Nolte  
    Room Number: 420 North
    Subjects: Algebra 150
                   AP Statistics 
    Building Phone: 314-776-3300
    Virtual Office Hours:
    Mon - Fri  8:00am - 3:00 pm

    2020-2021 Schedule of Courses

    1st Hour:  AP Statistics Click here for link to AP Stats in TEAMS

    2nd Hour: Algebra 150/Double Dose Click here for link to Alg 150 2nd Hour in TEAMS

    3rd Hour: Algebra 150/Double Dose Click here for link to Alg 150 3rd Hour in TEAMS

    4th Hour: PLC                               

    5th Hour: Trigonometry/Statistics Click here for link to Trig/Stats 5th Hour in TEAMS

    6th Hour:  Algebra 150/Double Dose Click here for link to Alg 150 6th Hour in TEAMS

    7th Hour: Algebra 150/Double Dose Click here for link to Alg150 7th Hour in TEAMS

    8th Hour: Planning

     Video Tutorials for Virtual Learning: Signing into Teams  Connecting with Microsoft Teams
    TECH SUPPORT: For technology-related issues on District devices, contact the IT Help Desk at 314-345-5757 or email phillip.bova@slps.org
    Teacher Message:
    Welcome to Gateway STEM High School,  I will be teaching Algebra 150, Trigonometry/Statistics and AP Stats for the 2020-2021 school year.  This is my 10th year at Gateway and my 16th year as and Educator.  I am from the St. Louis area, but also have lived in Maryland and California.  I plan to virtually teach from my home office.  My son is a communications student in his 3rd year of college and he is helping me design and set up a virtual teaching space.  I am looking forward to meeting all of my students online, August 31st.
    Inquiring Minds want to know... What classes do I have each day, how long are they?

    Monday / Wednesdays are "A" days with periods 1, 2, 3, 4

    Tuesday / Thursdays are "B" days, periods 5, 6, 7, 8

    Friday's will rotate "A" and "B" days. 

    Each class will offer 45 minutes of live instruction and 45 minutes of independent work. Bell Schedule

    Gateway Bell Schedule

    Some words you need to know: Synchronous is live teacher instruction and Asynchronous is independent work.  Microsoft Teams is the virtual platform for all virtual learning through SLPS.  Students will be added to a team for each period before the start of school on August 31, 2020.  Most high school students will be on 8 teams, one for each class. 

    Video Tutorials for Virtual Learning: Signing into Teams  Connecting with Microsoft Teams

    Gateway STEM Mission:
    Science, technology, engineering, and math: Embracing diversity and inspiring critical thinking through innovative career and college pathways.
    Gateway STEM VISION:
    Empowering diverse career and college ready innovators to evolve with the world.
    Learners today. Leaders tomorrow!