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    Name: Tim Laster
    Room Number(s): 424 East
    Subject(s): Sports Therapy
    ilding Phone: 314-776-3300
    Teacher Message:
     Since my earliest childhood I have always enjoyed school. What undoubtedly made that possible was that my mom used to read to me a great deal so at an early age I deloped a love for reading that has been with me my entire life. It also gave me a bit of an advatage going in to the first grade which again contributed to my enjoying education.
    Biography: I was raised in a small town by the name of Charleston in the part of the state known as the Bootheel. It was a grat place to be a kid where we enjoyed riding our bikes, sports and hiking to the river to fish.
    I first attended college at Murray State University in Kentucky. After that I transfered to Southeast Mo. State in Cape Girardeau where I graduated with a Bachelors in Marketing and a minor in Computer Science.Shiotly after graduating I moved to the Denver area where I worked for Kraft foods in both Colorado and Cheyenne Wyoming. I moved back to the St. Louis area where I went to work for the Gillette company in the military division calling on commisary's throught the midwest. While Gillette was a great company to work for I was never home since my territory was from the Upper part of Michigan to Memphis and points east and west. A good friend had been after me for years to become a Chiropractor which he had done so a few years later I graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1995. While n practice I would occasionally sub for St. Louis public schools. While subbing at Gateway I was asked if I would take over the Sportd Medicine department. I have been teaching at Gateway for approximately 22 years while maitaining my practice n Arnold Mo. It is difficult doing both at times but worth it.