• Dr. Tim Laster Dr. Tim Laster Dr. Tim Laster
    Name: Tim Laster
    Room Number(s): 424 East
    Subject(s): Sports Therapy
    Cell Phone: 636-375-2638
     Dr. Tim Laster
    Teacher's Message:
     Since my earliest childhood I have always enjoyed school. What undoubtedly made that possible was that my mom used to read to me a great deal so at an early age, I developed a love for reading that has been with me my entire life. It also gave me a bit of an advantage going in to the first grade, which again contributed to my enjoying education.
    Biography: I was raised in a small town by the name of Charleston in the part of the state known as the Bootheel. It was a grat place to be a kid where we enjoyed riding our bikes, sports and hiking to the river to fish.
    I first attended college at Murray State University in Kentucky. After that, I transferred to Southeast Mo. State in Cape Girardeau where I graduated with a Bachelor's in Marketing and a minor in Computer Science. Shortly after graduating, I moved to the Denver area where I worked for Kraft foods in both Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming. I moved back to St. Louis area where I went to work for the Gillette company in the military division, calling on commissaries throughout the Midwest. While Gillette was a great company to work for, I was never home since my territory was from the Upper part of Michigan to Memphis and points east and west. I graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1995. While in practice, I would occasionally sub for St. Louis public schools. While subbing at Gateway, I was asked if I would take over the Sports Medicine department. I have been teaching at Gateway for approximately 22 years while maintaining my practice in Arnold Mo. It is difficult doing both at times, but worth it.
    Room Number- 424E. Gateway STEM
    School email address- tim.laster@slps.org
    Cell Number- 636-375-2638
    Sr. Classes- periods 5-8, . B days, 8:30-3:00 p.m.
    Jr. Clasess- Periods 1-2 from 8:30. till 11:30  A days.
    I can be reached any day either by cell phone or school email if there are any questions. 
    We are beginning e-learning 0n 08-30-2020. Please download the Microsoft teams app from the google app store onto Apple and Android devices. You can use, your phone, laptop, or computer. It is the means by which we will communicate. Here is a link to your teams.
     Go to your app store and download Microsoft Teams. Go to your team and find the assignment due. For the Srs. The team is labeled Srs. Sports Medicine. For Jrs. the team's label is Sports Med. Survey. If there are any questions my school email address is listed above.  Dr. Laster 
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