Adv Algebra 350

  • Adv Algebra 350  

    Advanced Algebra extends student’s understanding of variables, algebraic expressions, equations, functions, inequalities, and their multiple representations. Additionally, students will be introduced to new concepts needed for college algebra topics such as logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Students will further develop their ability to explore and solve real-world application problems, demonstrate the appropriate use of graphing calculators, and communicate mathematical ideas clearly. 

                      Algebra 350 Syllabus

    Starting Monday, August 31st, we will be starting the year with Virtual Learning. This will be done through Microsoft Teams. You should have already received an invite in your district email. Or you can click on the link below, which will navigate you to the correct Team page. Once you join, your weekly assignments with the due date will be posted here. Assignments will also be posted at the bottom of this page.  

    Here's the link to:   Algebra 350 2nd Hour

                                 Algebra 350 6th Hour

                                 Algebra 350 8th Hour

    ALL assignments will be submitted through Teams!! 

    How to edit document in Teams (as best I can figure out):

    1)  Click on the Assignments tab at the top
    2)  Click on the assignment
    3)  Click on the 3 dots next to the assignment name under My work
    4)  Click on Open in Word and then Click Open Word (desktop) - this open your document in a word document where you can edit it. You have access to everything you need including shapes, symbols, and equations (located under the insert tab)
    5)  When done, in the upper left corner, click on the square with the lightening bolt. This saves your document in your Teams document. 
    6)  Before closing this document, go back to Teams, click on the assignment again and verify your edit was saved. If so, you can then close the word document.
    7)  Once this is done, click on Turn in
    8)  At this point you should be done                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    I will be able to see that it has been turned in and have the ability to grade it and give feedback. After I do this, I'm not sure if you get notified that this was done or not (I hope you do).
    Remember this is new to ALL of us, so please have patience if something does not work. I will do my best to help with whatever I can. 

    UNIT 1
    NOTES:                                                                               ASSIGNMENTS: