• June 2012

    Eleven cadets participated and completed the US Army JCLC, June 1-6, 2012 at Wentworth Military Academy, Lexington, Missouri. Cadet LeShawn Banks received the company leadership award and the JCLC camp leaders selected LeShawn to be the Battalion Commander who led the corps of cadets during the graduation ceremony on June 1, 2012. LeShawn Banks Battalion Commander selection is a first for a St. Louis Public Schools Army JROTC program.

    Approximately 450 high school students enrolled in Army JROTC programs at 20 schools within Missouri and Illinois arrived at Camp, ready to test the limits of their endurance, stamina, and leadership capabilities.

    Cadets challenged themselves to stay in the game and finish what they started as they grew in confidence and leadership during the six-day camp adventure. The typical daily routine for JCLC attendants consisted of a 5:30 am wake up call, movement to breakfast at 6:30 am, with strength, confidence and leadership training beginning as early as 8 am, and continuing throughout the day. Some of the camp activities consisted of rope bridge, canoeing, water safety, first aid, land navigation, rappel/confidence course, and leader’s reaction course.

    On average, eight to twenty cadets representing each of the 20 schools attend JCLC. They arrive together, and a few share living quarters together, but are dispersed among other camp platoons, companies and units throughout the duration of their stay. In other words, they are challenged to step out of their comfort zone to meet and team up with cadets from other schools with different backgrounds, skills, and abilities.

    At first, it was really awkward for several Beaumont cadets coming out of their comfort zone away from friends and family. It was really hard learning to trust the teammates you’ve never met before. It really brings out the true leader in all cadets. They had to learn and trust their teammate to be successful at camp.

    That theory was put to practice on multiple levels throughout JCLC as cadets’ experience it first-hand when it comes to building trust and confidence in their teammates while participating in each of the several obstacle and leadership courses.

    All Beaumont cadets received the opportunity to serve in a leadership position and they received a detailed performance evaluation. The assessments helped cadets to identify strengths and weaknesses for improvement.

     Most JCLC graduates strengthen their confidence, increased greatly their leadership skills and are constantly getting better academically and socially. Finally JCLC benefits the student, our JROTC program, our school and community.