• January 2012-Recently, to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, over 65 volunteers gathered for three hours of service at Roosevelt High School.  Several teachers and students came to represent the school but the majority of the crowd was comprised of citizens from the surrounding neighborhoods of Shaw and Tower Grove(s) East and South.  The law firm of Bryan Cave LLC and the TALX Corporation also turned out a significant number of volunteers who quickly rolled up their sleeves and got right down to work. 


    Volunteers spent time cleaning out classrooms, closets, and other rooms around the building.  As a result, the fashion teacher will have storage for donated materials and the freshman team has a space for a student lounge and future computer lab.  In addition, the ESOL classrooms were prepared for WIDA Access testing as around 150 students will have their language skills formally assessed through that series of tests. 


    “Even though we only worked for three hours, when you concentrate that many people into several specific projects, amazing results are possible and the volunteers proved that to be the case.  Everyone just simply got down to business and didn’t think twice about the work they were being asked to do even though it was dirty, hard, and at times exhausting.  I am so grateful that the community continues to turn out in support of Roosevelt.  We are making headway for some very important next steps for the school and tremendous efforts like those shown today by the community are a refreshing example of how much the community cares and wants to be a part of the rejuvenation and restoration occurring at Roosevelt,” said Renée Racette, Assistant Principal.