• Pamoja Prep Academy @ Cole continues to expose its students and the community to African and African American culture, traditions and knowledge. Norman Ross, a supporter from the community, created an exhibit to assist in educating the public. The information on the exhibit panels served as a timeline of the many great kings and queens, customs, dynasties and history of our great ancestors. Preschool through seventh graders had an opportunity to view and discuss the information presented. Parents and community members also were invited to tour the exhibit so they can continue the conversations about ancient African kingdoms and their contributions to the world.

    In addition to viewing the exhibit, a second part of the knowledge celebration was sharing of information about Kwanzaa. Preschool teacher A. Redding was assisted by students in showing how to set a Kwanzaa table and also reviewed the Nguzo Saba principles.  One of Pamoja's community partners, Baba Kunama, (a drummer) has been working with students to learn how to play African tunes and rhythms. The students showcased their talents and skills along with entertaining the crowd.