• To enroll a student, please visit your nearest school or call the Recruitment Office at (314) 633-5200. Please remember to bring the following items with you to ensure a smooth enrollment process:

    ·        Your child’s birth certificate

    ·        Your child’s immunization records

    ·        Your child’s school transcripts or most recent report card

    ·        Proof of residency

    You may enroll online by clicking here.
    To ensure that enrolled students are prepared for the first day of class, please review the following documents:

    ·        2011-2012 School Contact Info

    ·        School Supply Lists

    ·        Student Code of Conduct Handbook

    ·        2011 - 2012 School Year Calendar


    Additional phone numbers that may be of assistance:

    ·              For TRANSPORTATION information call 389-2202, ext. 7

    ·              For ENROLLMENT information call 633-5200

    ·              For SPECIAL EDUCATION information call 633-5300

    ·              For HUMAN RESOURCES information call 345-2295