• hero team

    ST. LOUIS, MO. January 12, 2012 – Tuesday morning was an average day for Jason Glover, a three-year-old attending Sigel Elementary’s Early Childhood program.  He spent his morning playing with classmates and was enjoying breakfast when his teacher, Ms. Lamb, noticed Jason starting to slump in his seat, his color paling before her eyes.


    “He wasn’t breathing and his lips were turning blue,” Ms. Lamb recalled.


    Jason was having a seizure and if it wasn’t for the quick response of the dedicated staff at Sigel Elementary who performed CPR until paramedics arrived, Jason’s story could have turned tragic.


    “Jason has never had a seizure and I believe they saved his life,” said Peggy Gardner, Jason’s mother.


    Ms. Lamb, Ms. Wilson, Mr. Gill, Ms. Barbier, and Ms. Wingo were crucial in stabilizing Jason, who had returned to consciousness and started breathing on his own when the paramedics arrived.  


    “People around the school have started calling them the ‘Hero Team’,” said Evelyn Woods, principal at Sigel.


    Ms. Barbier, a member of the Hero Team, is a bit embarrassed by all the attention, “We did what had to be done.”


    Jason is back to school today, but the incident is not forgotten.


    “I am CPR trained, but I never expected to have to use it,” said Ms. Lamb. “All I can remember is praying and thinking ‘Please breathe. Please start breathing.’”


    For more information please contact the Office of Public Information (314) 345-2367.




    Pictured-The Hero Team (left to right): Mr. Gill, Social Worker; Ms. Lamb, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher; Ms. Barbier, Parent Specialist; Ms. Wilson, Special Education Teacher; and Ms. Wingo, Teaching Assistant.