• Fox 2 visited Shaw VPA for a live broadcast on Thursday, January 19, 2012, as Michelle Schaeffer, Director of St Louis Hoop Club donated 100 hoops to Shaw Visual Performing Arts Community Education Full Service School. Shaw will utilize the hoops in PE, dance, and drama classes, after-school programs, and an evening adult fitness class.

    A group of students performed in the background during the presentation.

     Who:  Shaw Visual and Performing Arts Community Education Center Full Service School

     What:  Hoop Day at  Shaw

     When: Thursday, January 19, 2012

     Where: Shaw gymnasium

     Why: Accept donation of 100 hula hoops from Michelle Schaeffer, Director of St Louis Hoop Club

     How: Through grant orchestrated by Linda Riekes, SLPS Foundation Development Director

     Purpose: To utilize hoops as a fun fitness tool to be used in PE class, dance program, drama productions, after-school program, and a unique adult fitness class using hoops, and jump ropes, on Wednesday evenings beginning January 25.

     Principal: Diane Finnestead

     Community Education Specialist: Joe Torrisi

     Physical Education: Cassie Gorecki

     Dance: Nikki Spotts

     Drama: Ashley Wills

     Adult Fitness: Jill Woehrle