• February 2012- Kennard’s third, fourth, and fifth grade Equations teams competed in the annual University City Equations Open on Saturday, February 25 at University City High School.   Over 300 students from 14 area public and private schools participated. 


    In the 5th grade division, Kennard took 1st place. Students on the first place team: Ruben Wagner, Noah Rowan, Jessica Meyer, Brendan Davidson, Aditya Prabhu, Stephen Miller.


    In the 4th grade division, Kennard took 3rd place.  Students on the third place team:

    Presley Konkel, Emily Sheahan, Dominic Nguyen, Abby Cooper, Claire Stolze, Lillian Selligman


    In the 3rd grade division, Kennard teams took first  place and second place. Students on the first place team: Rich Qian, Miles Diekemper, Andrew Gao, Zoe Krug, Hasani Spann, Kieran Egan.

    Second place team members: Margaret Mathis, Clare Kellmeyer, Brendan Carr, Grant Coleman, Sophia Nguyen.

    Six individual students were recognized for high scores: in fifth grade; Ruben Wagner, Tess Krampfert, Aditya Prabhu.
    In third grade: Madeline Sweeney, Andrew Gao, Rich Qian.

    Equations is a component of the math enrichment program for third, fourth, and fifth grades.  It is an algebra game played with number and operations cubes and is coached by Gifted Specialist, Nick Clement.