• January 2012-Recently, the Nottingham Longhorns not only defeated Bishop DuBourg in an action-packed game, they demolished them with a final score of 62 to 48.  


    The Longhorns were sinking jumpers and stealing the balls in excellent defensive moves, leaving the competition in awe. In fact, Bishop DuBourg remained predominantly scoreless in the first quarter.  


    At the half, 9 men and 9 women in formal attire took to the court as the official 2012 Courtwarming Court.

    Gentlemen were:

    ·         Tyler Cavins

    ·         Donta Sanders

    ·         Christopher Perkins

    ·         Johnnie Chester

    ·         DuPree Barnes

    ·         Melik Fuller

    ·         Brendan Johnson

    ·         Deandre Sims

    ·         Nick Sava

    Ladies were:

    ·         Mana Ali

    ·         Keshia Fulton

    ·         Passion Noldon

    ·         Patricia Gill

    ·         Melissa Derenbecher

    ·         Alexus Ruffin

    ·         Kara Mozley

    ·         Aretha Moore

    ·         Kailyn Neal


    After much anticipation, Chris Perkins and Keshia Fulton were named Courtwarming King and Queen and were honored before a crowd of cheering students, parents, faculty and staff.


    It should also be noted that the cheerleading squad really knew how to shake their pom-poms and get the crowd going. Their routine to Beyonce was impeccable!!!


    Congratulations Nottingham CAJT on your big win and your new King and Queen!